Leeds University named as the second most popular destination for 2016 applicants

Leeds University has been ranked as the second most popular choice for prospective applicants in a survey conducted by WhatUni.

Over 8100 individuals participated in the survey and submitted their top five university choices into an online tool. All participants are currently submitting applications for 2016, or deferred, entry in time for the Ucas deadline on 15th January.

Despite losing out on first place in the ‘First Choice’ list to Loughborough University and, in the ‘Second Choice’ list, to Nottingham University, Leeds maintained second place in both lists. The university has consistently beaten the University of Manchester and University of Birmingham.

As well as conducting surveys, WhatUni publish student reviews of each institution alongside how much living in each city would cost. They did this by combining statistics of living costs and accommodation costs with the average price of a pint.

First choice universities
1. Loughborough University
2. University of Leeds
3. University of Manchester
4. University of Nottingham
5. University of Surrey
6. King’s College London, University of London
7. University of Edinburgh
8. Cardiff University
9. University of Birmingham
10. University of Oxford

Second choice universities
1. University of Nottingham
2. University of Leeds
3. University of Manchester
4. University of Birmingham
5. University of Southampton
6. University of Surrey
7. University of Exeter
8. Loughborough University
9.University of Warwick
10. University of East Anglia

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Elli Pugh

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