Leeds city centre flooded

Severe flooding has hit Leeds city centre after the River Aire reached a record peak, with flood warnings still in place.

A red warning, the highest level of alert, has been issued for Sovereign Street, The Calls and Clarence Dock, areas already badly affected with submerged roads and substantial power cuts.

Liberty Dock halls of residence has also reportedly been affected by the flood, although the extent of this damage is yet unknown.

The Environment Agency said the flooding has led to “significant impacts to infrastructure and risk to life in the area” after “record levels in the Aire catchment”.

Some areas, including Granary Wharf, were so badly flooded police were forced to cordon off the area.

Other parts of the city, such as Kirkstall, Otley and Burley, have also been hit by the flooding, with Kirkstall Road being closed by authorities after becoming completely submerged.


The widespread nature of the floods, which have affected large swathes of the city centre as well as other areas in Leeds along the Aire, have posed a challenge to the local authorities.

The flooding has also prompted some locals and businesses, such as the Armley Junk-tion, to offer free food and shelter for those displaced by the water.

Leeds City Council has taken to social media to advise motorists not to attempt driving on flooded roads and to organise flood clean-up operations, as well as thank the “community spirit” of spontaneous local attempts to tackle the flooding.

Meanwhile the Environment Agency has said it will work with police and other authorities in Leeds to implement an effective “multi-agency response” to the floods.

Sam Robinson

Images courtesy of Tony Johnson, Leeds Uni: Spotted on Campus and AiLyn Tan

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