Society Spotlight: Rifle Club

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Leeds is full of weird and wonderful societies, and this week’s spotlight shines on the Rifle Society, the Union’s very own shooting club. The Gryphon spoke to Daniel Anderson, Captain of Rifle Club, to find out more.

How did you get involved in the society in the first place?

I found out about Rifle Society from their GIAG, and was interested because I’d always wanted to see what it was like to shoot. Sadly, the spaces for the event filled up quickly so I was unable to go, but I decided to just join the society instead. After shooting for the whole year and getting to know the members of the society, the AGM came up and people thought I would suit the role of captain, so I decided to try out for it.

What are the main events/activities that the society holds?

We have a weekly event where we go to a range and shoot at two different paper targets shaped like the stereotypical circular target seen in archery. The main difference from archery is the scale (which is usually quite small) and number of targets per piece of paper (either 2 for 50 metres or 10 for 25 yards). After this activity we usually relax in Old Bar or somewhere similar. Apart from that, we have infrequent socials and a Christmas meal.

Do any of the people in the society have experience with shooting live targets (like hunting animals) and is it something that your society might be interested in trying out in the future?

I can’t really speak for individuals, but there are people who are part of the society that do shoot at home – I don’t really know whether at live targets or not. As for the club, we’re purely geared towards Olympic style target shooting and I don’t see that changing, at least whilst I’m in charge. Even if future committees would want to do so, UK firearms law that we have to comply with would make it very difficult to do so.

What type of people is rifle society looking for, and how much are membership fees?

Anyone is welcome at the rifle club from those who have never touched a gun before to experienced shooters (provided they don’t have any current criminal convictions, of course!). The fees are £35 for the year or £20 for a semester. However, there are additional costs for transport and ammunition used (£5 return by taxi and £1 for 10 rounds).

If you had to describe the society in three words, what would they be?

Fun, safe, friendly

What would you like to say to students who want to join in second semester?

For those who want to experience Rifle club in the second semester, but are unsure whether it is for them: keep a look out for our GIAG on March 10th. We look forward to seeing any new and interested faces.

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