Freeview flicks of the week: Citizen Kane, 21 Jump Street and Amy

Sunday 3rd

Citizen Kane BBC4 9pm

Alright film buffs, no excuses now. If you haven’t already seen the father of all films, now is your chance. Even if you just watch this one to tick the box, it’s surprisingly worth it. Its deceptively simple storyline about the death of a newspaper tycoon may test some people’s patience and it’s slow going at times, but it’s classic storytelling at its core. Even with all the beautiful cinematography, perhaps this film isn’t for the feint hearted, but it’s one to cross off the list for sure.


Monday 4th

Bruce Almighty 5star 9pm

In one of his more bearable roles, Jim Carrey plays Bruce Nolan, a man who complains about God so much, that He himself shows him just how much responsibility being divine can be. It’s a refreshing, light-hearted and very funny look at basic theology. Morgan Freeman is particularly good as God, with that distinctive deep voice, of course.


Tuesday 5th

Taken Film 4 9pm

Liam Neeson stars in this gritty thriller about a retired CIA Agent on a mission to rescue his kidnapped daughter. The fight scenes are quick and well executed, just like the dialogue and plot. The best action movies are emotional roller coasters as well, and this is one of them.


Wednesday 6th

Home Alone 2: Lost In New York Film4 6.30pm

Stretch the holidays out a little further by watching the sequel to Home Alone. After being left at home for the holidays, the next Christmas Kevin finds himself lost in New York, equally alone with the same burglars he conquered last time after him. As sequels go, it’s pretty good. The plot is essentially the same, but that means the laughs are the same too, and the New York setting means everything is on a bigger and better scale.


Thursday 7th

21 Jump Street ITV2 9pm

Comedy duo Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are cops posing as high schoolers in an effort to bring down a secret drug ring. As a comedy, 21 Jump Street is very self aware, but that makes even the dumbest of its jokes funnier. Literally a laugh a minute with a fairly clever plot too, you can’t help but love this genuinely hilarious movie.


Friday 8th

Amy Channel 4 9pm

This documentary about Amy Winehouse is an unflinching look at the singer’s life. Often told in her own words, through archived and unseen footage, it’s frequently heart-breaking and very dark. Winehouse’s life was a bittersweet one, and the film does this justice, celebrating Winehouse’s astounding voice and career, whilst revealing the things that left her life to disintegrate.


Saturday 9th

The Fast And The Furious ITV2 10:20pm

Just finishing its seventh cycle, The Fast and Furious films are a roaring mainstream success, but the original still stands up as the best of the series. We’re not talking anything highbrow here, but the stunts are crazy impressive and the racing scenes are spectacular. The plot is so-so, following LA police officer Brian O’Connor as he attempts to take down undercover a skilled gang of speed racers and car thieves, and gets sucked into their world instead. It’s worth a watch if you’re looking for an adrenaline rush but don’t want to risk life and limb racing a car yourself.

Heather Nash



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