The well fed student: Brain-fuel breakfast – overnight oats

It’s that horrible time of year when you’re constantly in the library, or feeling guilty for not being in the library, and you can’t be bothered make anything for your meals that takes any effort at all unless it’s a way of procrastinating from doing ALL THAT WORK.

This week I was a massive keen-o and was trying to get into the library as early as possible, so I took all my meals in with me, including breakfast. Overnight oats are incredibly easy; you just put everything in a container the night before, and your breakfast is ready and waiting for you in the morning, whether you want to take it on the go or eat it quickly before you go out the door. It’s quicker than pouring out a bowl of cereal in the morning, it’s nicer and better for you, and it keeps you full for ages (unlike a sugary bowl of cereal). The berries contain lots of antioxidants that aren’t too high in sugar, oats have lots of fibre to keep you full, and nuts and seeds are full of good fats and protein.

You will need:

40g oats.
60g frozen berries.
1 tablespoon seeds of choice/chopped nuts.
200ml milk of choice (I use unsweetened almond milk and it’s fab).
1 teaspoon honey/ maple syrup (only if your milk isn’t sweetened!).

That’s it. Mix them together in a Tupperware or jar and leave them in the fridge overnight to enjoy in the morning.

unnamed-1Tips & tricks:

If you are a peanut butter addict try using a spoonful of that instead of the nuts/seeds – so good! Or if you have a peanut butter jar that is nearly empty, put the ingredients in there so you get every last bit of those peanuts.
Try switching a third of the milk for some natural yoghurt to up the protein content and make it creamier.
Give chia seeds a go for your nuts/seeds element – these can absorb up to 10 times their own volume in liquid, so they absorb any excess liquid and make your breakfast thicker. They also contain loads of protein and omega 3, which is great for brain function!
Swap the berries for a chopped banana or a grated apple if you want some variety.
Mix in some ground cinnamon for a bit of spice in your life, and it helps regulate blood sugar levels.

Remember that your brain won’t work properly unless you give it some good, honest food!


Patsy O’Neill



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