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Bolongaro Trevor

Founded by British designers Kait Bolongaro and Start Trevor, Bolongaro Trevor juxtaposes contemporary streetwear, vintage military and British Victorian styles. The brand’s individuality in its approach to fashion is incomparable. Both designers boast remarkable industry creativity and dedication; having worked as Head of Menswear at Reiss for seven years, Stuart Trevor founded All Saints in 1994, where Kait Bolongaro joined him two years later to develop their vision of a whole new kind of style.

Following on from All Saints, the duo looked to expand on the brand’s effortless aesthetic. Working with a range of textures, fabrics and cuts, collections look to push the boundaries of modern fashion through incorporation of timeless, cutting edge detail to cater to their eternally cool customer.

“When we started Bolongaro Trevor, we wanted to produce a totally different aesthetic to what we had created at All Saints. We were 28 years old when we started All Saints and it was all about what we wanted to wear then. This next venture gave us the opportunity to create an new, higher level, more beautiful and original product – what we want to wear now – clean, crisp and neat, yet worn-in and slightly more classic.” – Stuart Trevor

The brand takes inspiration from existing growing collections and inspirations from prior decades, always looking to reworking pieces and creating new looks. Inspired by revolutionary style movements such as Punk, Mods, New Wave, Teddy and Skins, Bolongaro Trevor encapsulate so many influences crucial to this years show. Customising, over-dyeing, creating original prints and adding buttons, pockets, zips and trims has made for an incredibly diverse collection.

Their store here in Leeds’ Thortons Arcade is a place of inspiration, it oozes originality and cool from their quirky displays to immaculately dressed staff.

Jackson’s Fashion

After catching her incredible designs in last year’s show, we were determined to get Liverpool-based designer Jackson’s Fashion back on board again for LRFS 2016. Her amazing collections include an array of unique styles, which enhance and challenge fashion’s conventions, driving colour and embroidery to its very limits.

The designer is inspired by her desire to be unique, living by the rule that life is too short to blend in and #fashion is for the brave and a channel for self-expression. From her rainbow hair to marvellous Instagram page, where she models her own garments, she has been so much fun and such an inspiration to work with.

Not only is she featuring in LRFS for the second year running, she has worked with the stylist team to create brand new designs to incorporate into the show. Jackson’s pieces are absolute wrecking balls powering through the show sure to get you emoji-nal, along with depicting one of the greatest female empowerment movements of all time and a finale piece that will definitely get heads turning.

Beth Arthurs

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