BUCS Results round-up

Badminton 1sts (W) 2–6 Birmingham 1sts

Badminton 2nds (M) 8–0 Teesside 1sts

Badminton 2nds (W) 2–6 Beckett 1sts

Badminton 3rds (M) 2–6 York 2nds

Fencing 1sts (W) 111–94 Newcastle 2nds

Fencing 1sts (M) 113–126 Northumbria 1sts

Football 1sts (W) 8-0 Manchester 1sts

Football 1sts (M) 1-1 Manchester 1sts

Football 2nds (W) 6-1 Teesside 1sts

Football 2nds (M) 0–3 Durham 2nds

Football 3rds (M) 3–1 Beckett 5ths

Football 3rds (W) 5-2 Sunderland 2nds

Football 4ths (M) 0–0 Hull 3rds

Golf 1sts 2-4 Durham 2nds

Hockey 1sts (W) 0–9 Birmingham 1sts

Hockey 1sts (M) 0–1 Edinburgh 1sts

Hockey 2nds (M) 0-5 Northumbria 1sts

Hockey 3rds (M) 4-1 Beckett 2nds

Hockey 4ths (W) 1-4 Newcastle 4ths

Lacrosse 1sts (W) 23–8 Beckett 1sts

Lacrosse 1sts (M) 1–27 Sheffield Hallam 1sts

Netball 1sts (W) 48–32 Durham 1sts

Netball 4ths (W) 31–40 Durham 3rds

Netball 5ths (W) 32–35 Huddersfield 1sts

Netball 6ths (W) 48–53 York St John 2nds

Rugby League 1sts (M) 24-22 Newcastle 1sts

Rugby Union 1sts (M) 0-71 Durham 1sts

Rugby Union 3rds (M) 23-45 Northumbria 2nds

Squash 1sts (M) 5-0 Beckett 1sts

Squash 2nds (M) 3-0 Beckett 2nds

Table Tennis 1sts (M) 3-14 Lancaster 1sts

Table Tennis 2nds (M) 3-14 York 2nds

Tennis 1sts (M) 10-2 Durham 3rds

Tennis 1sts (W) 0-12 Durham 3rds

Tennis 2nds (M) 6-6 Northumbria 1sts

Tennis 2nds (W) 6-6 Newcastle 2nds

Tennis 3rds (M) 12-0 Sheffield Hallam 2nds

Tennis 3rds (W) 0-12 Beckett 3rds

Tennis 4ths (M) 6-6 Bradford 1sts

Ultimate Frisbee 1sts (M) 3-15 Durham 1sts

Volleyball 1sts (W) 3-0 Bradford 1sts

Water Polo 1sts (W) 15-12 Manchester 1sts

Water Polo 1sts (M) 3-24 Edinburgh 1sts

The Gryphon Sport Editorial team

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