Review: Daddy's Home – A classic Will Ferrell comedy

Daddy’s Home once again sees the comic union of Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg in their latest slapstick comedy. The general premise is a standoff between the try-hard step-dad, Ferrell, and the overtly macho, biological father, Wahlberg. Ferrell, after being left supposedly infertile after a dentist appointment gone wrong, has his wish for fatherhood granted in his two step-children. The return of Wahlberg throws all of this out of the water as the two men vie for the affections of the wife and children. The film is then carried along by a series of underhand battles resulting in Ferrell skateboarding off a roof, buying his step-daughter a pony and knocking out a cheerleader.

As a whole the characters are largely similar to the pair’s last duo in, ‘The Other Guys’, with Wahlberg as the manly piece of muscle and Will Ferrell playing Will Ferrell. The humour remains quite tongue-in-cheek, almost as if everyone on set understands that they’re pushing the jokes to their limits, but, the hell with it. Despite this, the characters’ comic chemistry is not diminished and there are some genuinely laugh out loud moments. One of these is the battle of the sperm, as the doctor hails Wahlberg as having the ultimate nuts, whilst Ferrell is left to wank in front of a crowd of strangers. The ending sees the two men put aside their differences and join together for the sake of their children, providing a warm lesson of the trials of fatherhood, especially in the changing nature of the modern family structure. If this is all too much for you then do not fear, as the seriousness is immediately set off by the never-ending stream of crude comedy, setting the scene for the final dance battle.

The film has also set itself up for a sequel, as Wahlberg’s new marriage leaves him as step-dad to the daughter of the beast that is John Cena. Overall, the film provides nothing new in terms of comedy and uses the same tried and tested formula. Ultimately, this is a classic Will Ferrell comedy, but if that is your jam then you will not be disappointed. The duo retains their comic chemistry and you will leave having at least had a little internal chuckle.

Olivia Raine

Image courtesy of Paramount Pictures

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