Review – Up4 at Musicquarium

On January 29th in a small, relatively unknown venue on the outskirts of Kirkstall, one of Leeds newest and undoubtedly most promising club nights, Up4, returned to Musicquarium for its second sold out event.

With a range of music that boasts everything from Bassline and Jungle, to Garage and DnB, Up4 features sounds that are bound to satisfy even some of Leeds’ keenest music enthusiasts. With a sound system comparable to some of the city’s biggest venues, Musiquarium proved its worth with a highly impressive setup that left the walls shaking and the floors vibrating whilst the nights visuals, projected behind the decks, made for a seriously spectacular and hypnotizing sight.

The sites smaller set up and undercover smoking area was a welcomed change from the maze that can be Beaverworks and Canal Mills. Although the event was sold out to capacity, there was no panicked losing of your mates every five minutes or the unending struggle to find a seat in the smoking area. Contrasting most events in Leeds where you end up spending half the night trekking and weaving through about eight rooms just to hear the offered genres, Up4’s singular room meant it was as easy as propping yourself up against the nearest wall, which can I add is actually cushioned, and allowing the music to transpire around you.

Although only established towards the end of last year, Up4 is fast making a name for itself around Leeds, partly due to the promising line ups they’ve managed to secure within such a small space of time. Founded by three local students, with a shared passion for both music and production, the night is fast becoming an event set to rival some of the City’s most popular productions.

Warming up the decks, before the highly anticipated Grooverider made his appearance, was up-and-coming duo, Dave Cureton and Joe Horton, a pair that specialise primarily within the Drum and Bass scene. Separate artists in their own right, Friday night saw the pair join together in alias, to produce a flawless cacophony of all spectrums of bass.

Following on from Cru-Town was distinguished Drum and Bass artist, Grooverider. An artist whose origins span back to the late eighties and nineties, Grooverider has been hailed by many as a serious contributor in making the DnB culture what it is today. As soon as it came to Grooverider’s turn to hit the decks, the majority of the night’s revellers swarmed to centre stage where we were treated to a dynamically heavy set that left the crowd craving more.

Rounding off the night on one final, spectacular high, was DeadbeatUK, an artist whose been making a serious name for himself around the musical scene. With his flawless ability to mix genres ranging from Bass to Garage, and with backing from the likes of Flava D and Spooky, Deadbeat easily proved his worth Friday night with a flawless set that culminated the night brilliantly.

If you’re on the lookout for a change of scenery and a night that emphasises the work of new, promising artists then be sure to keep an eye out for Up4’s next event on March 11th.

Tickets available here.

Joy Haggard

(Photo credits: Up4)

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