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After a long and arduous month of exams, essays and unhealthy spells in one of the University’s 24 hour facilities, Deep Fever’s final soiree last Friday served as a fantastic opportunity to end the month on a high in what will surely be remembered as one of the best parties of the year. With a consistency in high-class and original bookings the student favourite went out with a bang by bringing Tief’s Hesseltime and everyone’s favourite house music elder, David Moufang, aka Move D, to Mint for one last time under the Deep Fever banner. Hesseltime’s delivery of fine disco edits and heavily sampled house groovers did much to get the packed out Mint in full swing during the early hours of Saturday before David Moufang found time – in between large glasses of Red – to display an impeccable ability to inject a feel-good atmosphere into a club. Here are The Gryphon’s  picks of the evening.

Suco Edits – Mum Said Chocolate Isn’t Good For Dogs (FIO Edit) (Superconscious  Records)

Aussie producer Francis Inferno Orchestra has been quietly but fruitfully going about his business for the last six years. Lying somewhere in between pumping disco edit and acidic banger is this edit of his which seemed to perfectly capture the mood of Mint’s dance floor.

Borrowed Identity – You Can’t Change A Man (Homework)

A highlight of both Move D’s set on Friday and his afternoon disco set at Gottwood last summer. Surprisingly,  its just as effective being played inside at the end of a cold January as it is when heard on one of the sunniest days of the year.

The Organ Grinder – Living In A Bottle (FINAWHITE) Nathan Fake 

Throughout the night, snippets of recognisable and familiar samples could be heard throbbing through Mint’s Funktion One System, perhaps none so effectively as this delightful use of Gil Scott Heron’s ‘The Bottle.’

Jamie 3:26 & Cratebug – Hit It N Quit It (Lumberjacks In Hell)

Marcel Vogel’s Lumberjacks In Hell imprint recently celebrated five years of pressing outstanding music onto wax and releasing it for the enjoyment of its many fans. Its impressive back catalogue still has a stand-out anthem from all of its choice however. This Jamie 3:26 & Cratebug record provides a bassline which is enough to give any crowd a kick into action, all before the ever-effective  vocal sample comes crashing in, demanding the attention of all on the dance floor.

Kolja Gerstenberg – Sand (Move D Remix) (Smile For A While)

An understated deep house groove characteristic of the texture found in many of Moufang’s sets. Released this month, it’s not one to be missed.

Chris Caden

(Photo credits: Deep Fever)

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