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Japan might be nearly six-thousand miles away, but that hasn’t stopped the very best of Japanese menswear hitting British shores. High street retailers as well as luxury designers, the country’s unique brand of simplicity, paired with stacks of personality, it’s unsurprising that its home-grown labels have resonated with style experts on an international scale. So whether you’re new to the Japanese fashion world or are looking to add to your line-up of eastern pieces, this week we look at the biggest players on the field.

Uniqlo has been a high street favourite for style-conscious guys for a while now, with the Japanese retailer producing high-quality basics and simple, laid-back designs since the mid-eighties. Today, the brand is a one-stop shop for all your wardrobe staples, with new linen, polo shirt and sports wear being released in recent months.

Comme des Garçons
Don’t let the name fool you: Comme des Garçons (which translates as “Like Boys”) actually hails from Tokyo and not France. Founded by husband and wife partnership Adrian Joffee and Rei Kawakubo, this label is deeply embedded in the European fashion scene, with shows as Paris fashion week every season.

No other brand exudes Japan’s unique brand of street style like Bape, aka A Bathing Ape. The brainchild of DJ and producer Nigo back in 2003, the label has become recognised across the globe for its ape emblem, camo prints and cartoon graphics, adding a touch of child-like fun to the most cutting edge of urban prints.

Grant Wilkinson

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