The Amsterdam Unisex Brand

Amsterdam is known for innovation and creativity, with its fashion scene home to many established designers and up-and-coming talent. Many of the designs are at the forefront of fashion trends, acknowledging and exploring new social constructs. As gender binaries continue to blur, the trend for gender-neutral clothing is constantly gaining momentum. Themes of androgyny and unisex clothing have been apparent since 2011, but this year we can really see the emerging trend come to light across all market levels. Whilst gender bending runway styles are grabbing most of the headlines, mid market and high street brands begin to tap into this trend across the world.

Nobody has to Know is a unisex brand found in Amsterdam. It is a concept store that uses locally manufactured garments to blur the lines of age, sex and gender, with the philosophy that it is more important to feel comfortable in the clothes you wear rather than focus on their intended gender. Their collections are intended to free people from stereotypes and place focus on the garment itself and how it fits with each individual identity.

“NO SIZE, NO GENDER, NO AGE. Wear what you love and the rest NOBODY HAS TO KNOW”

All garments are without size labels furthering their casual, minimal feel. The store space incorporates other brands and vintage pieces to create a sense of community. Taking a step back from the fast pace of the fashion industry, NHTK is beginning to incorporate slow fashion values into the everyday world. Combined with the recognition of a cultural undercurrent and social issue the brand also highlights the backlash towards the labeling found within society and the shift towards a more caring industry.

Olivia Deith

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