Preview – Bloc 2016

Running from March 11th through 13th, Bloc’s 10th year is upon us, and the team are venturing back to their family home of Butlins, Minehead to deliver what is to be their final ever festival of techno (and related musics) at the resort.

This year’s lineup plays host to one of the most diverse and exceptional representations of electronic music in the UK. Homegrown talent include the likes of Surgeon, Floating Points, Blawan, and our very own lotus flower, Thom Yorke. Detroiters – Jeff Mills, Robert Hood, and Carl Craig to name a few give weight to the wealth of heavy-hitting names, and are essential bookings for a weekender such as this. In addition to this eclectic roster of artists, Berliners Ben Klock, Tama Sumo, Rødhåd and Steffi further anchor the festival’s commitment to presenting a wide spectrum of aurally rich and experimental sound.

It’s important to note how instrumental Butlins is as a space for this festival. Where else can you hurl yourself down a waterslide at 30mph with your favourite techno melody playing in the background? Or how about powering through a few 90’s classic arcade games before venturing back to your chalet for some duvet cradling, or record playing, after a day’s partying? With so many things on offer and artists to dive straight into (almost literally), Bloc have graciously turned a space originally purposed for traditional family activities into one housing a less traditional type of family; one which tends to be a little more disruptive but equally as lovable – the family of festival-goers.

‘Weekends are strange, beautiful things’ said Bloc co-founder Alex Benson in his recent press statement, and admittedly, when you host an electronic music rave as ambitious and audacious as this inside a Butlins, expect your weekend to exceed the ‘normal’ levels of strangeness and beauty. Bloc’s final send off is going to be emotional for many, and these emotions will undoubtedly express themselves within the community of festival goers and music lovers who understand the ethos Bloc has endeavoured to curate. I’m confident this ethos will express itself more profoundly one last time.

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Josh Taylor

Images courtesy of Bloc

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