Who Gets Your Vote?

This week we interview Greg Whitaker and Jess Murray, who are both running to be your next Gryphon editor. Interviews with every Lead LUU candidate will appear online throughout next week.

Interview with Greg Whitaker

Why do you want to be editor?

I’m sort of Ben’s number two as a Newspaper associate this year. I think that, as I’ve progressed, I’ve enjoyed the challenge more and more. I think, genuinely, I’m the best person to do the job next year.


What would the content of the paper be like under your editorship?

We need to forge better links with LUU societies. Giving them the coverage they both want and deserve is a big priority for me. I also want to provide, in terms of news, a more international and more current events sort of section.


How will you get students involved in the newspaper?

This year we’ve had a lot of people saying “I pay £10 to write for the newspaper and I get the impression I’m paying for you guys to make it, what do i get out of it?” I think you should get more for your membership, so there should be better training and social activities for writers.


Do you think it is important for students to get involved in political discussions through the

There’s two separate parts to this question. As an editor, if you’re elected, you have a mandate to take the paper in any political direction you want. Saying that, I think the Views section is vital to promote free speech, in terms of anyone on campus being able to come to the paper saying “I feel passionately about this political view.”


You mention in your manifesto, a commitment to big name interviews. Any specific examples?

Interviews with politicians, especially, I think we’ve excelled at this year; we’ve had Hillary Benn, we’ve had Jeremy Corbyn, we’ve had Natalie Bennett. For me personally, I couldn’t look past the big politicians; the David Camerons, the Jeremy Corbyns. I also think we need to branch out to other sections. I think features is a main one.


You mentioned looking to forge stronger links with the societies. What would be your first step towards achieving this?

It’s not really a secret that we haven’t always been the most loved society on campus this year. First and foremost, I’d like to have regular meetings with committee members of any LUU society that wants to have some coverage in the paper.


Your background is primarily in the news department but do you have any ideas for the In The Middle section?

In terms of design, I do think it’s starting to become a bit stale. The content is always fantastic. I do want to consult design students, get them involved, and give a sort of fresh new design to In The Middle.


As Gryphon editor, what is the first thing you would do on day one?

I would like to concentrate on making sure that all my editors will know exactly what they are doing. Training, definitely, would be my first priority.


Elli Pugh

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