Review – Alter presents Ø [Phase] and Rrose (Live)

To mark the occasion of their first birthday, Alter chose to celebrate in style by inviting LA’s elusive Rrose for a special live performance, alongside an extended set from Manchester techno heavyweight Ø [Phase] at Mint Club last Friday (19th February).

Alter resident Animist set the scene by showcasing the very heart of what Alter’s night are always about with some quality deep techno before Rrose took to the booth at 1.30am.

Breaking the boundaries seem to be what Alter’s nights are all about, and Rrose fitted in perfectly with this theme. Her disregard for the so called rules of gender mix perfectly with her cool demeanour and borderless technical talent.

Effortlessly, she showcased a range of exceptional productions, with memorable moments including her incredible live takes on “Waterfall” and “Shepherd’s Brine”; her complete and total focus on her music made her an enchanting act to watch.

Next up was Dystopian and Token favourite Ø [Phase]. He threw us straight in at the deep end, immersing us into a thorough, no-nonsense, thumping set, which only got heavier and more intense towards the end.

It is hard to picture such a scene at any other night in Leeds – where else would you hear serious techno like Cleric’s “Blitz” and of course, Phase’s very own space like bleep driven banger, “Orbitron”.

Alter’s next event is set for the 22nd April, and it is absolutely guaranteed that they have only the best of surprises up their sleeves. As always, their daring line up brought nothing but perfection, certified by a sea of radiant smiles from the dance floor. Happy birthday Alter!

Georgia Williams

Photo credits: Electronic explorations

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