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Africaine 808 – Basar (Golf Channel Recordings)

The German duo Africaine 808 – made up of Dirk Leyers and DJ Nomad – have been steadily releasing EP’s over the last few years. This month sees the duo releasing their first full length album which continues their usual dynamic approach of mixing elements of Africa’s traditional genres with samba, jazz and gospel along with a horde of other influences. A great example of artists who are keeping contemporary dance music fresh and interesting, and we’ve reviewed it on p.5.

GoGo Penguin – Man Made Object (Blue Note)

Following their much acclaimed album v2. 0 from 2014 which was shortlisted for the Mercury Prize, the Manchester Jazz trio GoGo penguin release their next 10-track album this month. Using their trademark mash of minimalist piano, electronica-inspired  drums and emotive bass lines which very much forms their own unique sound which draws on and recreates electronic music with acoustic instruments.

Autechre – Amber (Warp Records)

An essential listen for anyone interested in the more experimental side of electronic music. Along with the artist Aphex Twin, Autechre is acclaimed to be a central pillar in the evolution of the genre “Intelligent Dance Music” which moved away from the more dance-floor orientated styles of electronic music in the early 90’s. This is 75 minutes of powerful, contemplative and ambient sound which was well ahead of its time being released in ’94.

The Galleria – Calling Card (Environ Records)

The Galleria is an alias of Morgan Geist with which he once again taps into the pop end of house music, however this EP is not to be compared with the usual throw-away tracks of its kin. The two impressive tracks on the record ‘Calling Card’ and ‘Mezzanine’ boast excellent production creating a funky vibe with a strong 80’s feel.

Manfredo Fest – Jungle Kitten (Tabu Records)

A Jazz-Funk gem from 1979 this EP takes influence from Brazilian music combining it with a fast, funky, jazz sound which is boppish and harmonically sophisticated. You would find the title track ‘Jungle Kitten’ be put to good use as an instrumental break in a disco-set, or equally as quality easy listening for your front room.

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