In The Middle introduces… TUSK

Emerging as one of Leeds’ brightest new bands, TUSK received the audience they deserved at an overflowing 360 Club. A vibrant four-piece, TUSK infused vibes of psychedelic rock with gritty, hard-hitting overtones to deliver an upbeat and charismatic set. Despite forming only a year ago, their blatant cohesion on stage is enviable to say the least, performing as a tight but fluid unit. Every member pulls his weight, oozing stage presence alongside their catchy tunes.

What makes TUSK stand out from the sea of Leeds talent is their unique and refreshing song-writing. They understand the musical intricacies that most other bands simply ignore: steady harmonies, dynamic chord progressions and a subtle blend of riff-led rock counterpointed by vicious drum swirls and powerful bass licks. It was this winning combination that got the crowd swelling to Tusk’s beat, cementing their position as one of the most exciting prospects the city has to offer.

But TUSK are not ready to rest on their laurels. Extensive time in the recording studio has slowed their stream of live shows, but gigs ranging as far wide as Liverpool and London are set to take their sound to pastures new. Closer to home, after being approached by the event organisers, Tusk will be playing Live At Leeds this April, representing the city in all its musical glory.

If you share an interest in up and coming artists then Tusk are the band for you. Their future looks more positive with every improving performance, and it’s a future you won’t want to miss.


Robert Cairns

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