Old Bar to close for renovations

As part of the ongoing Union upgrade, Old Bar will be closed from March 21st. Although no re-opening date is yet confirmed, it would seem that Old Bar will not be operational again until Freshers Week 2016.

As a send-off to Old Bar, Leeds University Union have organised a week-long Farewell Festival that will begin on March 14th. Events will include a final Old Bar Karaoke, a ‘Society Send Off’ featuring performances from various societies including UML’s regular Friday DJ set, and the traditional St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

The planned refurbishment of Old Bar has proved a contentious topic, with many fearing that the intended changes will risk the loss of the atmosphere that attracts many to the bar. A petition created on change.org by Leeds University Union Music Society (LUUMS) has so far garnered 2,082 signatures, and candidates in the Leadership Race have even found themselves having to take a stance on the subject.

In response to LUUMS petition, LUU’s Chief Executive, Aidan Grills, assured students their feedback on the proposed changes to Old Bar were being taken into account and that “[Old Bar] is and will remain a good old fashioned pub, just the way you like it”. However, while efforts to refurbish the bar’s furniture, lighting, and flooring may prove controversial, the decision to renovate the toilets will no doubt be welcomed by all.

Benjamin Cook

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