BUCS Results Round-Up

Badminton 1s (M) 6-2 Bangor 1s

Badminton 2s (W) 4-4 UCLAN 1s

Basketball 1s (W) 33-41 LJMU 1s

Football 1s (W) 6-1 Nottingham Trent 1s

Football 1s (M) 0-2 Leeds Beckett 1s

Football 2s (M) 2-2 York St. John 1s

Hockey 1s (M) 2-3 Loughborough 2s

Hockey 4s (W) 0-3 York 2s

Hockey 6s (W) 2-6 Sheffield 4s

Hockey 7s (W) 5-1 Leeds 8s

Lacrosse 1s (M) 9-5 York 1s

Lacrosse 1s (W) 9-8 York 1s

Netball 5s (W) 26-39 Durham 4s

Rugby Union 3s (M) 15-47 Lancaster 1s

Squash 3s (M) 6-4 Newcastle 4s

Table Tennis 1s (M) 0-17 Northumbria 1s

Volleyball 1s (M) 3-0 Liverpool 1s

Volleyball 1s (W) 1-3 Sheffield Hallam 1s

Important fixtures

Wednesday 16 March is the date for the BUCS Big Wednesday event in Sheffield, which will see several teams from the University fighting it out for silverware. For more information, see the BUCS Website: www.bucs.org.uk.  Times to be confirmed.

Football 1s (W) v St. Mary’s 1s

Fencing 1s (W) v Cardiff 1s

Rugby Union 1s (W) v Birmingham 1s

The Gryphon Sport Editorial Team 

Featured image: Waterfront Online

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