North Brewing Co. taproom launch

With the end of term rapidly approaching and deadlines passing, we’re all in need of a treat. After too many weeks spent in an overcrowded Hyde Park Pub, it’s time to venture out and try somewhere new. The North Brewing Co is an ideal place for some chilled out end of term celebrations; with a wide selection of delicious beers on tap and the minimalist graphic design decor, I will definitely be returning.

Don’t let the location nor the exterior deter you. Despite feeling slightly apprehensive as we approached, having walked past dual carriage ways and across dark, deserted car parks, all trepidations were forgotten as soon as we entered. We were greeted by friendly staff and very aesthetically pleasing decor, from the rustic looking wooden tables, the carefully selected artwork to the painted concrete floor. The beer taps were all on a white tiled bar, resembling bathroom taps, yet somehow it worked surprisingly well. To add to the atmosphere was the fact that only half the building was the bar area. Wooden tables and sun loungers occupy the front half of the building, with the bathroom tap bar in the middle, and six huge metal fermenters at the back.

Having spent far too much time buying the cheapest lagers in Wetherspoons, it was a pleasure to try some different, flavoursome, locally brewed beers. I started the night playing it safe with the Sputnik, a 5% fruity and light pale ale, just what I needed after the walk there. I then went on to try the Saison, which was personally not a favourite, so I was relieved to have just got a half. Then it was time to try the Transmission, a West Coast IPA which was 6.9%. This was strong, sweet and dry, and much better tasting than I was expecting. The Full Fathom was like nothing I’ve ever tried before, 6.5%, Coffee and Coconut flavoured. I’m not a fan of coffee so this was not for me, however it turned out it was far stronger than it was supposed to be. Instead of simply lowering a bag of coffee beans into the barrel for a short period of time, the bag split which meant the coffee beans stayed in for several hours, resulting in the Full Futhoms of that evening being incredibly strong.

Although almost all were delicious, the beers were quite pricey, so it couldn’t become your weekly bar on a student budget. They didn’t serve pints, only halves and two thirds, which obviously means you can try more beers but you are going to be spending more. However, the 6.9% Transmission was £3.50 for two thirds which is definitely good value, and the majority of the beers being are £3 for two thirds.

So if you fancy going somewhere different and you’re willing to venture further than usual, then the North Brewing Co will not disappoint.


Emily Arcedeckne-Butler


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