Woman Crush Wednesday: Qimmah Rosso

As a fitness fanatic, I admittedly have a slight obsession with the incredible Qimmah Russo, a self-made athlete. Built from pure muscle, Russo has worked ridiculously hard to reach her fitness goals, and now she works to inspire others to achieve theirs.

Q-Flex Fitness is her very own personal training website where she offers advice, new routines and meal adjustment plans. Here she has a section dedicated purely to inspirational quotes and ideas to help motivate others; they’ve certainly worked for her! With 700k plus followers on Instagram, Russo has taken to social media to inspire whilst offering a sneak peek into the average training session that keeps her in such fantastic shape.

For me, Russo is in a league of her own. It’s very rare that you see a female in her shape and it shows the crazy dedication she has towards fitness. Every muscle is defined and speaking from experience from attempting to build muscle, if you want to keep it you’ve got to work hard. I find it a challenge to hold on to my comparatively small muscles, so for her to stay in that shape reflects the impressive commitment she has towards herself and her body.

There are some who find muscles on girls, especially muscles as defined as Russo’s, as an unattractive quality. I could not disagree more. I’ve read comments on her Instagram page, and the majority are praising and respecting her, but there are a few comments where people are suggesting that her body isn’t ‘lady-like’. Well, if that’s not lady-like, then let me be the first to say I don’t want to be lady-like! What’s great is that she keeps posting, showing off her body and rightly so. If I could get to America and be trained by her, be assured I would.

Beauty is often associated with the tall, thin, model-type girl, and of course these girls are stunning. However, Russo is not only physically attractive both facially and bodily, but she is inspirational. Her body reflects someone who is fit and healthy, and has remained focused to reach her desired goals. And instead of settling for being happy with her own achievements, she’s helping make other people’s fitness dreams a reality. Her body reveals the effects of hard work whilst putting a new spin on what’s deemed to be the ‘ideal’ body as she confidently embraces her body image.

Very rarely have I seen anyone train with the same intensity that she does in her online video clips.  She’s fast, focused and efficient. I regularly check her Instagram account for updates and use her videos to aid my own workouts.

Qimmah Russo is an absolute show stopper and I love that her message is a healthy life style, one that she is, and should be, very proud of.

Josie Penfold

[Image: Shannon Nelson]

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