Telluric by Matt Corby

It’s been a long wait for Matt Corby’s debut album Telluric, but it has certainly been worth it. Since the release of his last EP in 2013, he has come a very long way musically. The album feels complete, with every song contributing to the sound, and perhaps this is due to the fact that he scrapped a whole album’s worth of material before taking a break to think about what kind of sound he actually wanted to release. Producing most of the album himself, it feels like he has poured his soul into this. The result? A brilliant album, highlighting a different side to Matt Corby as he displays R&B, funk, jazz and even slightly psychedelic tones, creating music that is easy to get lost in.

If anyone needed a reminder about the power of Matt Corby’s voice, ‘Monday’ is exactly that. Simple but pure, the track is built on loops, Matt’s harmonies create the perfect backing track, showing the softer side of his voice with the stronger lyrics on top. With reverb vocals, ‘Sooth Lady Wine’ sounds like a less paranoid version of a song produced by fellow Australians Tame Impala, verging into pop-psychedelia and highlighting how much Matt is trying to not be confined to just one genre. Quieter songs like ‘Good To Be Alone’ are similar to the strengths of his old material.

Matt Corby is clearly a perfectionist, but the length of time he took to release his debut was definitely worth it. Back in 2007 he came second on Australian Pop Idol and with this well-constructed album, he has succeeded in removing himself from the commercial side of the music industry that he regrets ever getting himself involved with.


Polly Hatcher

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