Local anger over litter-strewn Hyde Park

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Litter left strewn across Woodhouse Moor in Hyde Park following recent sunny weather caused discontent among students and local residents.

The congregation, consisting mainly of students, left the park’s lower field covered in a layer of rubbish.

Nearby resident Wain Backford remarked: “It’s a pity none of the people here yesterday have helped. Instead they’ve gone to uni”.

The Gryphon also received a complaint from former Leeds student Angry Ariel, of 2008 X Factor fame, who said “I’ve lived in this place from both sides of the fence and I don’t see why local residents or your fellow students should have to put up with such childish and selfish behaviour.

With students and residents alike reacting with disgust, there is hope this is an isolated incident that will not be repeated.

Jonny Foster, LUU Community Officer said: “We are grateful that the community groups and residents we work with in Hyde Park recognise that the litter was very much an issue that involved only a minority of students, and indeed some members of the public who were not students at all.

“The majority of students were appalled by the mess and worked with our Community team and local resident groups to help to clean it up.

“There are plenty of student clubs and societies who work to improve and enhance the community around them, including our Community Reps who work with residents to tackle community issues such as this.

The Union will be carrying out a more proactive approach on future sunny days to make sure litter is taken away with the owner.

Our Leave Leeds Tidy campaign will also begin in June to help students to recognise and react to their potential impact on the community when leaving Leeds.”

Euan Hammond

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