Helter Seltzer by We Are Scientists

It’s pretty much ten years to the day that We Are Scientists released their infamous Indie Rock anthem, ‘Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt’, which encapsulated all that was to love about the genre. Fast forward ten years and here we are as the duo hailing from New York release their fifth studio album – and upon reflection the pair have faired reasonably well where their Indie contemporaries have fallen by the waste side. We Are Scientists stick to their well-drummed recipe and to what they’re extremely good at: formulating catchy pop/rock Indie songs. They pride themselves on not taking their music or themselves too seriously, with their playfulness as a musical duo prevalent from the outset. The latest venture titled Helter Seltzer see a growing influence dedicated to the vocals of Keith Murray and a more refined and tamed sound from bassist Chris Cain.

Opening song ‘Buckle’ and penultimate ‘Headlights’ see the return of the rough and ready riffs that We Are Scientists fans have become so accustomed to. Other songs which feature on the album like ‘Hold On’ and ‘Classic Love’ signal the band’s diversion in emphasis, whilst remaining catchy as ever. ‘Want For Nothing’ also encompasses the focus on vocals as a dominating feature with Murray flexing his range. In many respects the album throws up no shocks. It is very much everything you would have expect from We Are Scientists. It’s an easy listen that perhaps won’t excite new listeners, but it won’t disappoint the most staunch We Are Scientists supporter.


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