Preview – The Garden Party 2016: Part 2

It’s an exasperating conflict between the desire for summer and the necessity to work. That haunting episode, ‘Exam Season’ is in full swing, and highlighters and 4 Bic pens are doing their best to weld their colourful contents into your brain. As many final exams draw near, the claustrophobia is rife, but next weekend’s Garden Party is the ideal opportunity to let loose – if you don’t get into the ‘After party’, you could be tucked up by midnight, ready for your exam… If you thought Part 1’s line up was good, that was merely the amuse bouche to this delectable feast that Part 2 brings.

First up: DJ Koze. This quirky German started his career in Hip-Hop, with the band Fischmob, during which he also nurtured his experimental tendencies, producing an album with Marcnesium under the guise Adolf Noise. Incorporating abstract bleeps and bloops and all important voice samples and commentary, with an underlying groove, Koze became popular with a huge audience, and developed his niche. Since then, he has had five LP releases all featuring the biggest and best names in electronic and techno as well as a superbly unmatchable selection of tracks on his own label, Pampa Records. His DJ sets are an epic display of his capabilities in a plethora of genres and having had a 7 year hiatus from Leeds, this is one of the best bookings the city has seen for a while. Take a listen below to hear what Koze creates.

On the other hand, Bicep are no strangers to Leeds. The Belfast duo are ridiculously talented in their production and DJ abilities, cunningly combining techno and house, whilst also manning their cosmic label, Feel My Bicep. Another ridiculous addition to the line-up is Âme, a duo from the techno mecca, Berlin. With an initial love of Detroit and Chicago house, the duo’s productions have morphed with the times, yet their appreciation of genres over time keeps them in high demand and ensures their Live sets are no snoozathon.

As if that wasn’t enough to whet your appetite?! Mind Against is the Italian-born, Berlin-based venture of the Fognini brothers. Their Leeds debut, the duo also dabble with a techno-house convergence, but the duo are set apart from the masses with tunes that hark back to 80s psychedelia and mammoth dancefloor ‘anthems’. With heavy beats and fierce bass, these guys will satisfy the meaty cravings.

And finally, this lavish line-up goes on to boast Panorama Bar resident, Ryan Elliott. The head-chef of techno requires only three ingredients: kick drum, bassline and high hat.

All of this, and more will be taking place at our beloved Canal Mills, on Sunday 29th May. The newly refurbed outside area (dubbed The Hangar and The Yard) will host excellent munchables, art and all the midday techno your heart desires.

2nd Release tickets are available here


Flora Tiley

Image Credits: sceen fm & Canal Mills

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