The best alcohol-free beer? I’ve tested them so you don’t have to! (Part 2)

There are many reasons why someone might drink a non-alcoholic beer. You might be driving, allergic to alcohol, trying to detox or you may be T-total. However, with summer approaching there aren’t many things better than a beer enjoyed outside in the sun. For myself, watching Euro 2016 just wouldn’t be the same without a cold beer and a BBQ. However, as I will be driving a lot I often find myself unable to drink. So, in the name of safe driving, I have tried all the non-alcoholic/low alcoholic beers I could find.

Last week I started this series by reviewing Becks Blue. it was a surprisingly nice taste, whilst managing to emulate regular Becks rather well. Every week I compare non/low-alcoholic beer to Carling (my most hated beer) and to my surprise Becks Blue tasted better. So spurred on by this I embarked on my next non-alcoholic beer. Read on to find out more…

This week’s contender: Cobra Zero

Alcohol Percentage: 0%

Review in one word: Awful


God damn awful! Plain and simple this is disgusting. It tastes like flat lemonade that someone has added a sort of beer flavouring to. They have royally f****d up the flavouring. I honestly can’t believe how bad it is, I’m sure no other non-alcoholic beer tastes this bad? It’s not just the disgusting taste though, it’s the fact that it doesn’t even taste like beer. Even the other, poor, non-alcoholic beers at least mostly taste like what there trying to emulate. But this just is weird. Sort your life out Cobra!

Does it taste like regular Cobra?

Hell no! It’s heart breaking to find that Cobra Zero is so awful. I personally love Cobra beer – it’s great for a hot summers day. However, Cobra Zero isn’t even okay to drink when you’re thirsty.

Would I recommend it?


Ha – just kidding, NO, NEVER!

The Carling test:

Carling anytime. I would rather drink warm, flat Carling than this Cobra Zero any day of the week.



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