In The Middle with Sundara Karma @ Y Not

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How did you find the set today?

Really good! It was better than we thought it would be. There were so many people.

Did I see a flare as well in there?

There was a flare and I almost got hit by a beer.

That’s a compliment thought right?

Is it? It depends how it’s thrown!

Definitely a celebratory one. You seem to have played absolutely everywhere this summer, how has it compared to other festivals?

It reminded me of Truck. It was kind of a similar vibe and a similar young crowd. They were wild! It’s been one of our better festival shows for sure.

What is it that you like most about playing live?

The rider. The free stuff! Save what you can and spend it when you feel necessary.

I think that’s the right answer. How does it compare to touring for you, do you prefer your own shows or are they just special in their own way?

There’s a vibe for each festival we play. We’ve done a solid summer of festivals so when we’re doing these it’s the first time we’ve done most of them. We’ve never been here before, we’d never been to Secret Garden Party, we’d never been to Glastonbury. Maybe next year it’ll be a bit different and we’ll know what to expect.

How was Glastonbury – did you have fun?

So much fun! Maybe too much fun…

You’ve played with some exciting bands recently, do you get much of a say of who you get to play with?

We do, but sometimes it’s difficult to get who you want as it can clash with other people’s touring. There’s also a lot of people on board in terms of management and our live agent. We’ve got some amazing bands that we really want to take on tour with us but that’s yet to happen still. Every band that we’ve toured with has been really lovely though!

The album’s coming out early next year, how are you feeling about that?

So excited.

Are there going to be lots of songs that you played here reappearing on the album or can we expect a bit of a surprise?

We’ve played some songs from the new album but it’ll be a surprise as well. Hopefully people like it! It’s been finished for a while now so I can’t wait for people to hear it.

Have you planned all of the finer details yet?

You’ll have to wait for that!

I really like the artwork for Loveblood, did you design that yourselves?

We were round mine one night and started painting my mum’s kitchen. That was just a still from a piece of the wall… I’m joking! We didn’t design it.

You had me there!

I had myself.

You’re touring in September, what have you got in store for that?

We’ve announced the supports, we’ve got a kid called Freak supporting us, we’ve got Joy Room and INHEAVEN obviously. Big up! It’s going to be fun, come along to it!

Anything else coming up?

More music coming out, more music videos. That’s it!


Catherine Dowie

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