The Arts Netflix Weekend Watchlist: Vol 1

Before you get sucked into the craziness of Freshers, maybe take the time this weekend to bond with your flatmates with some quality Netflix time. Instead of endlessly scrolling through all the lists, we’ve put together a handy guide to some under-appreciated gems.

Friday nightThe Babadook – Genre: Horror

This excellently scripted, and extra-suspenseful film is one of the most original horror movies of the last couple of years. A children’s book spawns a very real monster which haunts a mother and her son, and the film mixes a psychological element with some good old fashioned fear of the dark.

Saturday nightThe Guest – Genre: Thriller/Horror

Dan Stevens (aka Matthew Crawley from Downton) is at his most menacing in this genre-bending flick. The film may be light on the horror front, but it takes its cues from 80s thriller movies, with all the guts and gore of a slasher thrown in too. Extra points are awarded for stunning retro cinematography, a killer 80s inspired soundtrack and a top class performance from Stevens, who is barely recognisable from his Downton role.

Sunday nightIn Your Eyes Genre: Romance/Sci-fi

If you’re looking for romance with a bit of originality intact, there’s Joss Whedon’s (The Avengers) foray into low budget independent film writing. Two totally unconnected individuals find themselves with a telepathic link, and what occurs is a warm and quirky romance as they get to know each other through visions and mental conversation. Zoe Kazan, a veteran of off-beat indie romances, brings her usual likeability and wide-eyed intrigue to the role of Rebecca and it’s both hers and Michael Stahl-David’s (Dylan) strength of acting that carry scenes of long dialogue and gives strength to their relationship.

Heather Nash

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