Leeds Night Owls: student superheroes

The Leeds Night Owls are your local student superheroes. Coming out in the darkest hours of the night; saving students; charging phones; the Night Owls are always on hand to keep you safe if you need them.

Night Owls is a volunteering service that is ‘run by students, for students’. Their aim is to promote student safety by creating a network of volunteers around the city who are on the look-out for students in distress. The Night Owls understand that when out having fun, difficult situations can arise. Volunteer, Hulya, spoke to The Gryphon.

“The importance of safety on a night out is vital, however as many of us are aware after a night out, we often find ourselves in situations where our safety is at risk. Having a project like Night Owls allows our trained volunteers to assist students in a variety of ways, such as: helping students get home, providing them with phones/phone chargers, or just giving a general helping hand.”

All volunteers to Night Owls are provided with training in first aid and self-defence free of charge, allowing them to protect their fellow students safely and responsibly.

Not only do they aid students, they play an important role in the University’s relationship with the city. “For example, we will be picking up litter during shifts to ensure our city is kept clean”.

New volunteers are required to do a minimum of one shift per month, but even that small amount of time means they do their bit to lower crime rates and instances of injury on nights out in Leeds.

“Perhaps the best thing about Night Owls is that all those involved know that they are making a real difference to student safety.”

Euan Hammond


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