Let’s talk about sex! (And pizza)

Emma Healey, the Equality and Diversity exec is running “let’s talk about sex” sessions in student halls throughout next week. The sessions will be an open discussion to aid people in being able to support their friends who might have experienced sexual assault or abusive relationships. Emma says “As a survivor of sexual assault, these workshops are one of the most important things that we as a union can do to prevent sexual assault and support survivors.

“The truth is that sex and sexual assault isn’t always black and white, and my boyfriend at the time probably didn’t realise that what he did was rape. We don’t learn about consent or how to have healthy relationships in schools, this is a failing of school sex education – so it is now up to us to change this.

“If these workshops mean that one person doesn’t experience rape or that survivors will know it is not their fault – they will be a success. It’s an hour of your time, but it really could entirely change yours or a friend’s life.”

The workshops will be interactive, informative and involve free pizza. Look for posters in the union for the time and place.

Polly Hatcher

Image: romanfitnesssystems.com


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