University of Leeds to raise fees

The University of Leeds have confirmed that they will raise tuition fees to £9250 in the 2017/18 academic year. A University of Leeds spokesperson said: “Leeds offers an outstanding education and student experience and we are confident that this will be recognised in future TEF exercises, as it is in the National Student Survey.

“Continuing to meet these standards requires on-going investment and we need to be transparent about this with current and future students.

“After careful consideration by the University’s Council, and in common with many other leading higher education institutions, we intend to increase undergraduate tuition fees for home students in line with inflation for 2017/2018, subject to parliamentary approval of changes to higher education funding.

“The University has opted to exempt existing students, including new entrants in 2016 and current applicants deferring into 2017.

“Leeds University will continue to offer financial support, bursaries and scholarships to students so that anyone with the talent and ambition can benefit from a Leeds education, regardless of background.”

This news comes as other universities, such as Durham, have opted to increase tuition fees for existing as well as new students arriving in 2016. This practise has been heavily criticised by NUS who accused those universities of “moving the goalposts” for current students.

The University declined to comment on the question of a potential boycott of the TEF as Leeds, along with the majority of Russell Group universities, have yet to confirm full cooperation with the government’s imminent scheme.

With TEF plans in place, universities who achieve the highest rating in educational standard could be able to raise fees to £11,500 by 2025.

Polly Hatcher, Euan Hammond



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