Interview – Jamz No More: Elijah Speaks

Iconic Leeds Grime and Bass night played its final ever show in Leeds last term. We caught up with Elijah, a founder of the night as well as resident DJ in collabration with his partner Skilliam.

What did you originally aim to create with the Jamz project, what did you want different from other student nights?
I didn’t like the way other nights ran, so I did it by myself, on a small one in London. Never played in Leeds, wanted to play there. Instead of working for people to book me I decided to bring myself, people I rate, do the party the way I like to do it.

What did you like about playing in Leeds?
You guys have a good space here in Wire, plus the people, both the staff the crowd, really get it. Also by having a Tuesday night it didn’t conflict with anything else.

Why have you decided to end the Jamz project?
We’ve thrown over 80 parties with Jamz, bringing bigger names and nights as we’ve gone on. We do it all ourselves though, and we want to do other things, release records,  be free to play across the world in places like Israel, America and Spain.

What has been your personal favourite event?
DJ Q and Spooky’s back to back at the start of this year. Murlo as well as Kahn and Neek’s were up there too.

Can we expect to see you and Skilliam playing here again?
Of course, were playing Mint Fest during freshers and will be here for a few more.

Reece Parker


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