Movies to watch when you’re hungover this Freshers

Freshers hangovers are no secret, but never fear: the Arts team editors are here to help, with our four favourite hangover films.

Xa – The Mummy (1999)

I don’t know whether it’s the pyramids or the flesh eating scarab beetles, but for me there’s no better hangover film than The Mummy. The first time I saw it I had nightmares about Imhotep’s

zombie-slaves for weeks. John Hannah is hilarious as the useless brother, and Rachel Weisz makes being a librarian look cool. It manages to transport me from my hungover state to a world where you might accidentally bring a vengeful, 2000 year old mummy back to life. I also feel a certain kinship with the slowly regenerating corpse of Imhotep when I’m suffering from one G&T too many. And if your hangover extends beyond the two hour running time there’s always The Mummy Returns. 

Heather – Pride & Prejudice (2005)

If ever I’m feeling fragile after a few too many glasses of wine, my go-to movie is 2005’s Pride & Prejudice. Instead of facing reality nursing a headache, I can lose myself in a world where dashing young gentlemen make offers of marriage after emerging from swirling morning mist. If you’re looking for a faithful adaption of Jane Austen’s classic then perhaps you should keep on looking. But if stunning cinematography, great acting, an epic romance and large doses of men striding around in breeches are what you’re after, Pride & Prejudice has got you covered. I wish all my arguments with my boyfriend happened in the grounds of National Trust properties. Romance is dead people, but you can revive both romance and your hungover self by giving this film a watch.

Will – Hot Fuzz (2007) 

Chances are, you’ve seen this film and the rest of the Pegg/Frost franchise a million times before. But when your head’s sore and your stomach’s still trying to digest a dodgy kebab, the zombie gore of Shaun of the Dead is probably best avoided. That said, Hot Fuzz is hardly violence-free. I learned this the hard way, resolutely sticking through the hilariously gory murders (Adam Buxton’s head implosion is a personal favourite) when I first watched the film aged 12. I’d managed to convince my Mum that it was only a 12A, but seriously guys, it’s a 15 for a reason. Regardless of classification, Hot Fuzz is a brilliant companion to any hangover, offering the perfect comedic antidote whilst you gingerly sip water and cling on tightly to a bucket.

James – Memento (2000)

Hangovers are an awful time, where you sit and dwell for far too long on last night’s mistakes. What you need is something to boldly come and jump-start your brain and shake off the queasy feelings. There is no better film for doing this, than Christopher Nolan’s Memento. The film follows the actions of Leonard (Guy Pierce), a man suffering from severe short-term memory loss, as he tries to track-down those responsible for murdering his wife. The non-linear structure ensures that the viewer is never sure who they can trust, and just like Leonard, is always uncertain of the reality presented to them, even after the film’s jaw-dropping final act. This cult-classic is certain to bamboozle the hangover out of anyone who watches it.

Xa Rodger, Heather Nash, William Rees-Arnold and James Candler

(Image courtesy of Universal Pictures)

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