Player 2 has entered the game…

The endless small talk. “What year are you?” “What subject do you do?” “Uni of…?” … Friendship cannot be built on small talk. It must be built upon the pillars of drunken toast, horribly-informed political debates and the fact that you beat them 10-4 on FIFA when you were Accrington Stanley. There’s nothing like a rivalry to spur conversation beyond the dreaded small talk, so pick up a controller and choose your poison with a partner.

Rocket League

Football with booster rocket cars. If you’ve never played before, you will suck for the first few games, but once you get the knack, it is without doubt one of the most enjoyable multiplayer games this gen.

Super Mario Anything

Whether its karts, smash or party, prepare to be riled. Super Mario is immoral , it doesn’t care if its unfair and neither should you. Steal their stars, falcon punch their face and turtle shell them off that rainbow.


When you’ve both admitted to playing a fair few MMO’s as a guilty pleasure, go indulge together. You no longer need a subscription for The Elders Scrolls Online, and Don’t Starve Together is a single purchase on steam. But those aren’t the only cheap-to-play jams out there; from turn based to button mashing, go rule that virtual world together. Remember, No Man’s Sky IS NOT a good multiplayer experience.

Portal 2

A puzzler with a whole separate campaign for co-op, you need a friend for the full Portal experience. Playing as two robots with portal guns shooting A-B and C-D, you and a friend have already got your Halloween costumes sorted.

Borderlands 2

Campaign from beginning to end against Handsome Jack’s endeavour to reach the legendary vault. With the ability to jump into any players game at any given stage, this FPS combines various game styles, meaning the more the merrier.

Lauren Emina-Bougaard


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