Fresher’s Guide: The societies you should join based on what kind of person you are

There are over 300 clubs and societies at Leeds, so whatever your interests and abilities, there’s guaranteed to be a society to suit you. We have taken some of the societies in the General Interest category and divided them into four groups – so whether you like to move, shake, make, create or (my personal favourite) eat, we have something for you.



Join: Baking, Coffee, Wine, Real Ale, Vegetarian and Vegan



Yes, we have a whole sub-category for societies that are all about food and drink! You can take comfort in the fact that you don’t have to make food, but just be there to enjoy how good it tastes. On the other hand, perhaps you are determined to learn to cook before you burn the kitchen in your flat down, all the more reason to join one of these societies and hop in a class. These societies are highly recommendable for students not afraid of the Freshers 15.



Join: Quidditch and Harry Potter, Yoga.

Young yoga instructor leading a class in stretching


Most of the General Interest societies don’t require physical activity, which is why we have a special category for those that do. These societies involve activities that are physical in nature, so if you don’t mind working up a sweat, then join one. Not everyone is sporty, which may deter you from looking at the Sports category, but the great thing about these societies is that they allow you to exercise in a fun way.



Join: Astronomy, Chess, Debating, Rubik’s Cube and Puzzle, Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Video Gaming and Technology



Don’t be mislead by the name, these societies aren’t just for people studying Physics or Neuroscience. If you are someone who enjoys challenging yourself mentally, then some of these societies will help you do just that. Likewise, if you’re looking for a place to share your geeky interests, this category is for you too. Perhaps you’re interested in science, maybe you enjoy solving puzzles, or want to put your mind to the test by memorising video game tactics. The skills you learn in these societies can help sharpen your mind, so why not give them a go?



Join: Art, Anime & Manga, Comics & Graphic Novels, Spoken Word, Stitch ‘n’ Bitch, Pokémon



These are the societies for people interested in creating and appreciating art. If you have a passion for developing anything artistic, then many of these societies will give you the means to do so. It could be anything, from a painting to a scarf for your mum. If you don’t have an artistic flair, you can opt to appreciate art instead – from Japanese animation to killer fashion trends. You may not consider yourself a remotely creative person, but joining one of these societies may spark that creative side of you.  


Elsa Amri

(Images: Offbeat and Inspired; Body Soul Yoga; Wikipedia; Wikihow)

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