The Arts Netflix Weekend Watchlist: Vol 2

Freshers week is over. You’re bruised and battered, hungover, and drowning with flyers for societies you never intend to join, and the first week of term is coming. Delay the inevitable and settle down for a film night instead this weekend. Luckily enough, we’ve picked out three of our favourite films on Netflix for you to peruse.

Friday night – Searching for Sugar Man – Genre: Documentary

How does a successful artist simply just drop off the map? The artist known as Rodriquez was at one point touted as the new Bob Dylan – a smooth voice, careful delicate finger picked guitar and political songwriting all pointing to him as the next big thing. But amid rumours of his death, Rodriquez faded into obscurity — except from in South Africa, where his records proved to be sleeper hits. The documentary follows two super fans on a quest to reveal the mystery of Rodriguez. Full of warmth and inspiration and with an absolutely excellent soundtrack, both Rodriquez and this documentary deserve more attention.

Saturday night – The Invitation – Genre: Horror/Thriller

This slow burn thriller takes the idea of awkward dinner parties to another level. A group of friends gathers for a reunion after a tragedy, and try to heal through casual conversation, drink and a good time. But something is off, and the feeling won’t leave our protagonist Will alone. The film walks cleverly along the line of paranoia and suspense, until eventually things start to unravel, and fast. Stick around for the film’s conclusion, it’s worth it.

Sunday night –  Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – Genre: Comedy

An oldie, but a goodie. Written and directed by the incomparable John Hughes, the god of eighties teen movies, Ferris stands alongside The Breakfast Club as a cult favourite. Follow Ferris as he evades school for the day, each lie bigger than the first. Big characters, big laughs and very quotable dialogue make it a perfect Sunday night feel good film. And there’s a song and dance sequence for no apparent reason. Sheer brilliance.

Heather Nash

(Image courtesy of Paramount)

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