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We hear that you’re feeling optimistic about your productivity this year. Although that’s nice and all, here’s a bunch of series in before that hand in tomorrow.

RuPaul’s Drag Race:

Halleloo! Our Queen Ru Paul just recently received an Emmy. Ever wanted a discount America’s Next Top Model, but with more drag queens, more personality contestants, more lip syncing for their lives, and puns puns puns? Well you’re being ridiculously fussy, but you’re also ridiculously lucky, because this is a show that fits all those criteria. Check out season 8’s Derrick Barry at Mission 2 on Saturday 24th September.

Cowboy Bebop & Samurai Champloo:

Two seasons, very different story lines, but made by the same animation studio. These two anime series will leave you with that bittersweet feeling that only anime can.

Twin Peaks:

David Lynch’s cult classic is outright weird, but definitely adds something interesting to television.  The murder of Laura Palmer is not your classic whodunnit. With a new season being made, you’d best join the massive cult following now.

Rick and Morty:

Follow irresponsible Rick as he takes his grandson Morty on dangerous and age-inappropriate adventures, bringing the universe’s colourful and disgusting discoveries right to their family’s front door.

Mr. Robot:

Meet the antisocial genius hacker, Elliot Alderson, who is painfully aware that normality is out of his reach. He is finally given the chance to free the world from under the thumb of corporate evil. Filled with twists and a fresh-faced cast, this series will make you think twice before clicking the next button.


Lauren Emina-Bougaard



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