Review – Flux Opening Party

Flux, the Leeds mecca for techno-fiends, disco-nuts and house-heads, returned once again to Beaver Works, bringing with it six rooms of some of the best DJs you can hear for miles around.

Arriving at Flux, the first thing that strikes you is the venue itself. Beaver Works is perfect for this kind of night. If one room gets tiring, you can just go into another and hear a completely different kind of music. Listening to one genre all night, be it techno, house, disco – whatever, inevitably gets a little boring, but the set-up of Flux means there’s constant variation.

The first DJ I saw was in the Red Room was the absolutely ace Lindstrom. Clearly my view was shared by many others, judging by the long queue outside the Red Room, of people clamouring to hear some proper top techno.

Another popular room is the Warehouse. This disco room is quite hit and miss; I’ve seen the best artists of Flux’s gone by in there, but also the worst. The DJ I saw on that warm Wednesday night was a bit average and didn’t play any bangers but his set was still kind of enjoyable. Contrary to this was Dan Shake in the Red Room who played constant four to the floor, balls to the wall hard techno for most of his set. Aside from a bizarre half hour where he started bringing in jazz trumpet breaks, he was the best act I saw all night.

Flux is still for my money the best electronic night in Leeds. The staff and the bouncers are constantly lovely, the venue is perfect and there are big tunes all night; where else are you going to hear ‘Ride On Time’ in one room and dirty techno in another?

Truly a unique night that I’d recommend to anyone.

Will Ainsley

Flux’s Halloween Party brings Detroit Swindle, Jimpster and Will Saul to Beaver Works on 31st October. Tickets here.

Image: (Cassio Dimande / Karl Spencer)

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