EXCLUSIVE: First look at the new Eddy B

Our beloved Eddy B is back, and this time there are more plug sockets than you can shake a stick at.

The library has been refurbished with new colour schemes on each floor, funky chair designs and a new postgraduate research hub.


The library is opening its doors to students on Wednesday 28th September at 9am, having been closed since the beginning of June, although some areas of the library, including the basement and some of the computer clusters, will remain closed until Spring 2017.

The refurbished library has around 1000 study spaces, bookable group study rooms, a prayer room and stocks the science, engineering and social sciences research collection.

Floor 13 is now an exclusively postgraduate research hub, and will require swipe card access. There are lockers, study rooms and a large presentation room.

Each floor has it’s own colour scheme, in keeping with the original plans of the building, so the bottom floor is styled purple, going up to red, orange, yellow and green.


Next year, a new cafe will open on the ground floor of the building, allowing people to buy and eat their own food.

Jane Saunders, Head of Collections Services for the Library said, “The EBL is being restored to its former glory, with the atrium opened up and the original colours to each floor reinstated. 

“The building is much lighter. We have new glazing to red route, the study desks now face the natural light and there are new roof lights on level 13. We’re very proud of this refurbishment so far and look forward to being fully open in 2017.”


Jessica Murray


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