The Arts Netflix Weekend Watchlist: Vol 3

The first week of lectures is never fun: information overload and the blur of figuring out where to be at what time – its a nightmare. So, when you feel yourself getting overly stressed and highly strung, why not give your brain a break with these super-absorbing (yet massively underrated) Netflix triumphs?

Friday Night – The Lifeguard – Genre: Drama/Romance

The Lifeguard is a 98-minute emotional jackhammer. Opening with Kristen Bells 29 (not 30) year old character struggling to fit the cookie-cutter mould of a writer in NYC. Parallels of mid-life crises and complex teenage angst form the fundamentals of this morally problematic plot, easily setting this drama apart from the usual boy-meets-girl flick. As the minutes tick by and the sexual tension between Leigh and Jason increases, youll can’t help but find yourself rooting for the characters to find a way to make it through together. Despite touching on some sensitive topics, this ones a definite for a Friday evening.

Saturday – The Perfect Getaway – Genre: Myster/Thriller

2009’s American thriller A Perfect Getaway is a perfect Saturday night watch. As two honeymooners explore the islands of Hawaii, their holiday takes a vicious turn when word gets out about a double murder amidst the paradise of Honolulu. Suspicion, danger and mystery follows the two protagonists (played brilliantly by Milla Jovovich and Steve Zahn); yet the cleverly worded script detaches this showstopper from the usual whodunnit. If you’re into psychological “what-ifs?”, gory fight scenes and beautiful backdrops, A Perfect Getaway is the one for you.

Sunday – Uncle Buck – Comedy

Released in 1989, John Hughes Uncle Buck, quite literally embodies the 80s aesthetic that is much-loved these days. If youre a fan of thick turtlenecks, loveable humour and beret-wearing boys getting their comeuppance, this comedic drama is a must. Played by the expressive John Candy, Uncle Buck clumsily works a familial miracle; restitching his dysfunctional family back together. The mocking, pseudo-thriller scenes are also a fun watch, whilst adding a little bit of punch to the plot. Candys unique use of a golf club is definitely a minute or two not to be missed. This film features all the emotions that come with crappy boyfriends, overbearing parents, and self-acceptance, leaving you with a fuzzy-feeling that follows all the classics. Perfect for a lazy Sunday.

Emily Moscrop

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