"The Fab Four”: meet your music editors

So you know all about the music section. There’s music. There’s tunes. There’s top bants. But want to know a lil’ more about the faces behind the action? Well then, look no further than our Meet the Editors Guide to find out what it is that we are listening to when we’re in the shower and more of our embarrassing musical secrets…

Sam Corcoran



First album you ever bought: Sam’s Town by The Killers. It had my name on it.

Album that made you love music: Definitely Maybe by Oasis. Love them or hate them, the Gallagher swagger made me realise that music was cool.

Shower song: Currently a mumbled mash-up of Kendrick Lamar’s ‘i and ‘That Lady’ by The Isley Brothers.

Your music taste in a sentence: A smoothie of jazz, dreamy production, crunchy guitars and Bon Iver’s facial hair.

3 songs you’re hooked on:Elevator Operator’ by Courtney Barnett, ‘Crazy Dream’ by Tom Misch, ‘Armageddon’ by Wayne Shorter.

Jemima Skala


First album you ever bought: Let Go by Avril Lavigne. No regrets.

Album that made you love music: Not so much an album, but watching School of Rock (over and over) was definitely a pivotal moment in the formation of my love of music.

Shower song: ‘Bloody Motherf***ing A**hole’ by Martha Wainwright, a much more beautiful song than its title would suggest.

Your music taste in a sentence: David Byrne and David Bowie’s imaginary collaboration, produced by AK and Jai Paul.

3 songs you’re hooked on: ‘This Must Be the Place’ by Talking Heads, ‘Get To Know Ya’ by NAO, ‘Lousy Connection’ by Ezra Furman.
Robbie Cairns


First album you ever bought: Green day’s American Idiot and Eminem’s Curtain Call also the day I heard my first swear word.

Album that made you love music: Kind of Blue by Miles Davis. Just draw dropping, and still as smooth today as it was in 1959.

Shower song: ‘Staying Alive’ by the Beegees or ‘Tired of Being Alone’ by Al Green – perfect acoustics for some shameless falsettos.

Your music taste in a sentence: If it sounds nice and isn’t produced by David Guetta then I like it.

3 songs you’re hooked on: ‘Birch Tree’ by Foals, ‘Wait for the Moment’ by Vulfpeck, ‘Bruh by Lil Dicky.

Juliette Rowselljuliette

First album you ever bought: The Trick to Life by The Hoosiers – 50p from Woolworths, still a modern classic.

Album that made you love music: I remember stumbling across ‘Wonderwall’ by Oasis. Twelve year old me was so astounded she cried. Yes, I’m cringing as much as you are.

Shower song: ‘Come and Get Your Love’ by Redbone and the entire Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack.

Your music taste in a sentence: The kind of music you want to listen to nostalgically on the top of a cliff with a bottle of wine

3 songs you’re hooked on: ‘No Woman’ by Whitney, ‘Moonage Daydream’ by David Bowie, ‘Somebody Else’ by The 1975.

All editors are also big fans of badly photo-shopped images, procrastinating all work in favour of music as well as listening to, discussing and living for music.

Want to be a part of our fabby musical community? Then come on down to our Music Writers meetings every Tuesday in The Gryphon Office at 3pm to get to know us and become one of our many talented music writers!

(Images: Wikipedia, Sam Corcoran, Jemima Skala, Robert Cairns, Juliette Rowsell)

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