A Cultural Victory in New York City

Amid the chaos of controversial hair at Marc Jacobs and Bella Hadid’s fall at Michael Kors, one figure came out of this New York fashion week making positive history.

Designer Anniesa Hasibuan became not only the first Indonesian designer to showcase her work at the US shows, but also the first to include a hijab with every single look.

At 30 years old, Hasibuan, from Jakarta in Indonesia only made her debut in London last year where she was again the first to bring the hijab to the catwalk. After setting up her first boutique in Kemang, south Jakarta, Hasibuan created her SS17 collection of 48 pieces of which 38 would be ready-to-wear.

The collection received a standing ovation in New York and the blend of pastel silks alongside intricate embroidery and beadwork clearly demonstrated the working link between modesty and fashion. Fans widely commended the collection on social media for which Hasibuan was clearly grateful.

Relaying her appreciation on her Instagram, Anniesa wrote ‘Salaam Muslims of the world and all of you, beautiful people… Thank you so much for supporting me and D’JAKARTA, my latest design for NYFW.’

Victoria Copeland

(Cover Image: Huffingtonpost.com)

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