Feature – Swipers on the Dance Floor

Prelinks is a new app for socialising on nights out. Since its launch in Leeds last Monday it has been downloaded over 1000 times  in under a week. We caught up with Oli Whitfield, Prelinks’ Manager for Leeds, to find out more about this new app.

‘‘The app’s aim is to connect students going to the same club nights and gigs. It shows you a list of upcoming events for students in Leeds over the next week, giving you a brief description of the night, and showing how many people will be going”.

The app seeks to connect club goers through existing social networking sites such as Facebook. Oli added: ‘‘When you click ‘attending’ on the events you are going to, you can see all your Facebook friends that are also attending and message them directly through the app. As well as this, you will be shown the profiles of others going. From this point it becomes familiar, swipe to match, chat before the night and meet them there’’.

The app can be broken down into two distinct features, event listing and swiping. Prelinks aims to simplify users search for club nights in their chosen city while also aiming to notify them of new events. While the app aims to break down the awkward connection between meeting new people, it also aims to allow the user to scout the crowd when going to an event.

Prelinks will also incorporate swiping. Swiping has taken social networking by storm over recent years and Prelinks aims to make the process of setting up a date less awkward. It also claims to improve the safety of users while also being exclusive for students.

Prelinks seems the ideal app for the avid clubber, with a greater chance of connecting through mutual music tastes in venues to your liking, the app hopes to becomes a popular device for students across the country.

Reece Parker

You can download Prelinks here.

(Photo courtesy of facebook.com/getprelinks)

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