25% of freshers boycott York sexual consent talks

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A quarter of new students chose to walk out of York University’s first ever sexual consent talks after being handed flyers by an activist posing as a university official.

Ben Froughi handed out flyers making clear that the sex talks were ‘non-compulsory’.

Froughi argued: “Consent talks are patronising; if students really need lessons in how to say yes or no then they should not be at university”, Froughi argued.

Froughi’s flyer originally held the University of York logo before he was told to remove it.

Consent talks propagate the backward message that all women are potential victims and all men potential rapists.”

York University commented that the talks were “gender neutral, short and student based.”

“What we cannot agree with is impersonating a University of York staff member to attempt to prevent new students receiving basic safety information.”

The Women’s Officers who organised the talks were unperturbed, believing they were a “an immense success”.

Euan Hammond

(Image: Nouse, One&Other)

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