Sport Membership Prices Slashed for all Students

Leeds University, or University of the year 2017 as some may boast, has already proved its dominance in the field of higher education. With its three entrepreneurial awards and 90% student satisfaction rates, could it be any more impressive?

Leeds University Union will receive £500,000 each year from the University itself following recent discussions that University sport is unaffordable for many students. The subsidy takes into account costs for transport, coaching, officials, accommodation, external hire and BUCS (or the equivalent). As a result, every Gryphon team will be able to deliver the same quality of performance (or better) but they will have more money to spent while doing this. The money that the Union is receiving will be subjectively distributed amongst every sports team in order to cut membership prices most importantly.

Athletics has received a grant of £5,310, which has reduced membership by an extortionate 50%. A regular membership now costs a modest £20 for the entire year. Athletics Women’s Captain Kirsty Fraser comments ‘it’s going to make such a difference for each individual society, as we will now have the funds to subsidise for each of our members. This will give them an even higher quality sporting experience at University’.

Swimming and Water Polo have received a total of £7,470, which has resulted in a blanket drop of 25% across all six membership tiers. Treasurer Will Rosson comments that ‘the funding reductions that swimming and water polo have received from the University have allowed the club to offer memberships that are a truly amazing value for its members’. Just when we thought being a student in Leeds couldn’t be any more of a privilege, we’re now going to be the sportiest, fittest University of the nation and show Loughborough how it’s really done.

The Edge, too, is on board with making its facilities more accessible. Freshers in student residences have been benefitting from the free off-peak gym membership for a few years now. Now, beginning in September, no student will require a Sport Membership to participate in society led classes in the sports halls – so there is no excuse to be unfit! There are some things that may still require a sports pass, so be sure to check on The Edge online to find out what you do and don’t need it for.

Despite the massive donations to all the Gryphon teams, each society must still be proactive in raising their own money through fundraisers and GIAGs. Check out the LUU website for all information about the new funding, fill out applications, and fundraise.

Zoe Thresher and Taiwo Ogunyinka

Photo Credit: The Gryphon


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