Lack of accommodation at Warwick forces students to share rooms

Many students at Warwick University have been left no choice but to share single bedrooms or stay in hotels due to a rush of EU students enrolling ahead of Brexit.

Around 120 new undergraduates are having to share a single bedroom with a stranger, while 150 postgraduates are staying in hotels after being told there was no longer room in the university’s accommodation.

Warwick student union stated on their website that it was aware that many incoming students were affected by “a severe lack of accommodation due to over-recruitment by the university.”

Nat Panda, the student union’s postgraduate officer, said that this is the fourth year that mismanagement from the university has caused postgraduate students to have been left without rooms.

Brexit has had led to an unexpected number of EU students hurrying to accept places before Britain leaves in order to escape a potential raise in fees next year. This has caused problems in Warwick as the university’s undergraduates are made up of 40% overseas students.

The University of Warwick’s student union says that this situation ‘demonstrates the dangers of a marketised education system whereby student welfare is traded off against money in the bank’.

Polly Hatcher

(Image: UniMee)

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