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Growing up, most of us dabbled in some form of skating or another. But what comes to mind when we think of the most daring and most popular form of skating? Why, skateboarding of course. #newsocietyalert. Recently, several students decided that a society was needed to appreciate skateboarding, and this week, the Gryphon got to interview the President of the new Skate Society, Mohsan Lin, to learn more about what they’re all about.


Why did you decide to start a Skate society?

We formed this society to reach out to anyone and everyone who’s had an interest in skateboarding. Whether they’ve already been skating for several years or never even stepped on a board. We wanted to create a super mellow and friendly environment where anyone can experience skateboarding, meet new people, indulge in this dynamic subculture, and basically just have fun.

What is your background in skating?

I’ve been skateboarding since I was in Year 7, so it’s been about 9/10 years now. At this point I don’t really think about it haha. I’ve come to see skateboarding as a lifestyle, not just a hobby.

As a society, what will you mainly be doing throughout the year?

On a weekly basis, we’ll be having skate sessions at a number of different parks. Sessions will consist of skating around the park and teaching people tricks they’re interested in (riding down a ramp, learning to ollie, even just standing on a board). Apart from that, we’re looking to plan meet ups and socials in the months to come, like pizza and movie nights. If all goes well, we’re hoping to plan trips to neighbouring skate parks in the country.

Who is your favourite skater and why?

Man, there are so many skaters that get me really hyped to skate. My friends from back home in Hong Kong are a definite inspiration. But to name a few pro skaters, I’d say Grant Taylor, Tony Trujillo and Cory Kennedy. These guys rip. They skate fast and hard. They’re creative with their tricks. They embody the whole ‘Skate and Destroy’ motto that fuels skaters to go hard in the streets.

What are you hoping to accomplish this year?

In our first year as a society, we just want to create a platform for anyone whose interested in starting or continuing skateboarding. More than anything, we’re hoping to get people psyched about skateboarding and introduce them to this amazing culture that people don’t really know about. The thing is that skateboarding isn’t a sport, it’s an art (deep huh?). That’s because skateboarding doesn’t require two teams; there isn’t a point system, nor a ref. Skateboarding is an artful form of human expression. You skate the way YOU want to skate, and we’re hoping to nurture anyone with this ambition.

Who is this society open to?

The Skate Society is open to anyone and everyone. No matter what level of experience they have. The membership is free and if anyone is even slightly interested, please do get in touch through our Facebook group (LUU Skate Society). We’d love to have you skating with us.

Elsa Amri


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