In The Middle with NGOD

We caught up with Sam of NGOD, a small indie band who promise to be Bradford’s next big thing after Dynamo, to hear out about their upcoming tracks, as well as their upcoming gig at Leeds’ own Wardrobe on the 8th of October.

You’ve recently released the song ‘Can You Hear Me?”. What can you tell us about the inspirations behind that song?
It’s about the North South divide, as us Northerners shout out can you hear us down there at all? We also had a few guitar riffs going. It’s just y’know we want to be heard down there as we’re from up North.

From a glance at your Spotify Playlist NGOD’s Bradford Beats, it’s clear your band has a very diverse music taste. What can you tell me us that?
Well Alex grew up on a lot of classic Punk thanks to his parents and Billy is really into David Bowie, whilst I’m into a lot of Jimi Hendrix. It has created this sort of mixed bag and that has come together in our sound, definitely.

How did you all meet?
We all went to the same school actually. I mean, not all in the same year but we met there in Bradford. Apart from Joe; we were playing with his band at the time and then we joined forces.

To create this mash up of great music.
Exactly man, exactly!

On a slightly more personal note: which one of you likes Bad Reputation by Thin Lizzy? As it’s on your Spotify…
That’s me! As it was on guitar Hero 2 and I just loved the sound of Bad Reputation

And it seems you’re on tour at the moment aren’t you?
Ah no, due to circumstances we’ve cancelled. However we’re still playing the wardrobe at Leeds, but we will probably do it early next year after the Kaiser Chiefs’ Arena Tour.

Have you got any funny stories from the road?
Well we were on the road with Joe once, and he got a keycard for his door, but he didn’t know how they worked and he didn’t realise you need to swipe the card. He tried to put it in the keyhole to turn it and get in! Joes that one of the group. But Joes got the magical fingers in the group so we keep him.

I suppose that’s all that matters really, Is there any sort of scoop or upcoming tracks and I get some info on?
Our next track is gonna be called “Lost”, it should be coming out in the next month or so. It’s gonna be absolutely mad! Also the music video for ‘Can you hear me has literally just gone online, check it out on Facebook and YouTube.

Interview by Will Nelson

[image: The Sunflower Lounge]

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