Head Job by Phil Rudd

On one magical evening in June 2009, I realised dreams actually do come true. As the sun started going down past the famous Wembley arch, I got to see my heroes AC/DC in action. Needless to say, I couldn’t find my socks for weeks because they were blown off so hard. What I’m trying to get across is that I love AC/DC. Naturally, when I heard their now ex-drummer Phil Rudd had a new solo album, I jumped at it.

I’ve given this album every chance to grow on me, to no avail. What it offers is nearly 42 minutes of karaoke-esque singing, uninspiring guitar riffs and phenomenally bad lyrics. Title track ‘Head Job’ is laughable, professing “don’t talk to me, leave me be, I just want to watch TV”. At best, it sounds like an AC/DC tribute writing their first original songs. Without the screeching vocals of Brian Johnson, godlike guitar playing of Angus Young and the solid rhythm guitar of Malcolm Young by his side, Phil really falls short.

To be fair, there are some okay songs on the album. Not mind blowing, but significantly better than others. A favourite is ‘Bad Move’, while other decent tracks include ‘Lonely Child’ and ‘No Right’. However, the drivel of ‘Head Job’ and ‘Repo Man’, amongst others, is unforgivable. After about 20 minutes, it all blends into a medley that just won’t end. You find yourself waiting for something to kick in and impress you, but it never comes. The fact of the matter is the album doesn’t get you hooked. Maybe Phil should leave the song writing to other people and accept he was best placed playing drums for rock royalty.

Ben Roberts

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