Illuminate by Shawn Mendes

Following the success of singles ‘Treat You Better’ and ‘Stitches’, Canadian singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes recently released his new album ‘Illuminate’. It’s no secret Mendes has become a teen heartthrob, helping to create a buzz around his latest release. But is it actually any good? In my humble opinion, the album is as gorgeous as his face.

‘Illuminate’ features a solid mixture of slow and upbeat, yet it’s far from another cheesy pop record. Despite being just eighteen years old, it’s clear Mendes is extremely talented. He has already developed a signature style, lending his music a catchy appeal.

The majority of tracks center on the ups and downs inevitably involved in relationships. They’re relatable to a range of people, whether you’ve had positive relationships, negative ones, or simply experienced the throes of falling in and out of love. Whilst some lyrics are pretty corny, it doesn’t take away from the overall charm. Standout track ‘Honest’ showcases Mendes’ voice, offering infectious beats and relatable lyrics for all who have ever gone through a break up.

Heartfelt and raw, the record encompasses both the beautiful and crushing elements of being in love. It’s refreshing to find catchy pop songs with sincere lyrics, speaking in the way these tracks do. Overall, ‘Illuminate’ is worth a listen; its sexy, heartfelt and guaranteed to make you fall just a little in love with Shawn Mendes!

Olivia Woollam

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